Even if we’ve never met, we believe we do know a few things about you…

You’re probably confused and don’t know why you’re not getting consistent wins in your trading…

Why you’re doing everything online gurus recommend but to no avail…

Why you’re taking big risks, with no eventual rewards

Why professional traders always seem to stay ahead of you, making steady money, week after week, month after month... 

While you're busy chasing unrealistic gains, taking big risks and losing your hard-earned money.

In our experience, the reasons vary…

>> You're falling for those complicated strategies these gurus are pushing, yet you have nothing to show for it...

>> You failed to recognize the absurdity of get-rich-quick programs that promise you riches without putting in any effort...
Or maybe you just don't have the RIGHT guidance and education to trade the RIGHT way...

If you can relate to any of the things above then you’re in the RIGHT place:

Here at Jigsaw we have one answer to all your questions.

Order Flow.

And let us repeat it again…

Order Flow is THE way to trade!”


Why make such a bold claim, you ask?

The answer is simple; Order Flow helps you anticipate future price movement by analyzing the flow of orders coming into the market.

Which allows you to enter the market with precision and more confidence.

Most traders, especially beginners, are jumping in at the wrong time, getting smacked around.

Order Flow lets you ride with the big players rather than against them.

Now, for Just a moment, imagine how it would feel if you could master the method that will help you enter your trades at the right time.

Imagine having that kind of control and confidence…

Wouldn’t that help reduce the overwhelm, stress, and anxiety that comes with not having control over your trading?

This could be what you’ve been looking for all along…This could be the KEY to making consistent profits from your trading…

A Real, professional trading method that REALLY works.

This could be the place where you finally find your edge as a trader.

Where you can finally see the real game being played in the markets.

Client Testimonials

Why Traders Place Their
Trust In Us.

I sincerely believe that Jigsaw’s educational package on order flow is one of the best and most comprehensive teachings I've ever encountered, I wish Peter made these videos a long time ago. I would have saved myself a ton of money and not to mention time. I can assure you that if you have the desire to become. an order flow Trader, you cannot afford not to learn from these materials. ” 

The order flow is the only way to trade. If you wanna become a consistent, profitable trader you need to take your final decision into the order flow, use Jigsaw to be able to take a final decision, with it you are not blind anymore, you see everything and you can take proper decisions.” 

“I came across Jigsaw through some of Peter Davies's videos on YouTube and I really liked his teaching style. I just found him to be sort of no BS, you know it was sort of like the Anti-Guru, and I really sort of appreciated that and I just have to say the software itself is incredible but more so than that education that they provide and the support they provide is unbelievable.

“With Pete's guidance, I quickly realized that Jigsaw is an effective tool in order for me to understand what I need to understand to make a successful trading career, and not only that, I also realized that a successful trading career will have to be supported by a solid method as well as a solid discipline.”

Here’s Exactly What You’ll Get When You choose one of Jigsaw’s packages:

Jigsaw daytradr™

A cutting-edge, one-of-a-kind, and award-winning Order Flow and trade execution platform.


The Jigsaw daytrader platform equips you with the knowledge and confidence to make smart trading decisions… 

Built around proprietary trading techniques that institutional traders use every day…

This is a platform designed to give you a true edge in the markets, trading data is presented exactly as you need it with no gimmicks. Able to accurately highlight events such as trapped traders. 

And not just that, daytradr is super easy to set up, doesn't have a ton of configuration options, and gives you exactly what you need right off the bat.

If you want to feel like you are finally in control of your trading, daytradr is for you. 

For further information, please visit this page, which is dedicated to providing you with details about the Jigsaw daytradr platform: Click Here>

If you're new to Order Flow, or if you've heard about it but never truly delved into it...

It's completely normal to feel overwhelmed by all those numbers on the screen...

The idea of making trading decisions based on a completely new set of information might seem a bit scary at first…

That's why we created the Order Flow Foundation course…

This course has been the top choice for order flow education since 2014, and we renewed it in 2022.

We succeeded in breaking everything down into bite-sized chunks so that even the trading novice can understand all the key concepts of Order Flow within a very short time…

Like the proprietary trading firms we work with, we know it’s then all about getting your hands-on and experiencing the Order Flow yourself.

We start you off with simple, basic exercises which in a few hours will have you seeing actionable activity in the market the likes of which you’ve never seen before.

Armed with this, you are ready to dive into one of our three levels of education.

Professional Order
Flow Training

The solid foundation of online Order Flow Education


There are three tiers of education offered by Jigsaw, and they are as follows: 

  • Basic Order Flow Training

Understand the core theories behind using order flow in trading. 

Why order flow is useful and how to apply it to your trading. 

Theory is one thing but it’s practical experience that will take your trading to another level, so in module 2, we discuss trading drills that will give you that ‘aha!’ moment in trading.

KEY NOTE: You will also receive a module on trade location, which is designed for traders who want to use Order Flow to supplement chart-based trading but don't have good entry points.

  • Advanced Order Flow Training

Trading with Order Flow does not just mean defining and refining market entry points…

In the advanced modules, we discuss specific aspects of trading that can be enhanced with Order Flow.

Managing your trades, trading in different market conditions, reading reversals and trading without price charts (which is what most prop firms do) and scalping are all aspects of trading that can be massively improved with the use of Order Flow. 

In module 4, we take a look at trade location, what exactly it is you are trying to achieve as a trader (many have never given this much thought), and developing your own style as a trader.

  • Institutional - Trading with Price and Order Flow Strategies

Proprietary trading firms recruit intern traders, usually with no prior trading experience (no bad habits to ‘unlearn’)...

They teach them how to trade and then give them money to trade and split the profits with them…

In partnership with London based proprietary trading firm AXIA, we bring you a training course straight from their trader internship program. 

This course is exactly what they teach their traders to get them to profit. 

The course contains videos and a set of valuable exercises to perform on recent days action so that you get a feel for trading certain types of events such as economic news releases. 

These exercises are performed with the Jigsaw tools.

For additional information on the three levels of education: Click Here>

Now that you're equipped to start trading the RIGHT way…

You still need a crucial habit in your trading.

We call this practice "JOURNALING"

It is one of the most important keys to becoming a consistently profitable trader…

Profitable traders understand the importance of keeping a record of every trade they enter…

And I don't mean just the technical stuff…

You gotta write down how you felt, and what made you make certain decisions in that trade.

It's so powerful to have a record of every move you made in the market – Just imagine what learning from your losses and wins can do for your trading…

That's why we created:


Jigsaw Automated Trade Statistics & Leaderboard


You get lifetime access to the basic version of our groundbreaking cloud-based trade analytics platform “Journalytix”. 

Your trade history is posted to a secure area on our servers automatically (no uploading required)...

Where you can analyze the results to find patterns in your trading data you didn’t know existed. 

Not only will Journalytix help you find buried treasure in your trading data, 

It’ll help you iron out issues such as moving your stops and closing trades early.

You can see more details Here>

Now we know that being a trader at home can get pretty lonely sometimes...

And you gotta find some people who are into trading to chat with...

Being part of an awesome community can totally boost your growth as a trader...

And guess what? We've got one of the BEST trading communities out there.

Jigsaw Chat Room

Being around other traders is an essential part of the development process.


A Community of experts and beginners sharing the same goals…

Our chat room is the best, there are experts and people from all around the world so you can get some top-notch support. 

It’s an open, unmoderated meeting place for like-minded traders. 

Traders discuss trades and market activity and there’s also some social discussion.

For additional details: Click Here>

If You Are Looking to Scroll for a While

Here are some more
testimonials you can
check out:



Here are some more testimonials you can check out:


  • Traders who have reasonable expectations, understand that this process will require hard effort and discipline, and do not expect to be a billionaire by the end of the week.
  • Traders who are ready to go all in and do the work as long as they feel that every action they take is perfectly engineered for success.
  • Traders who have previously invested time, money, and energy in their trading but have experienced more momentum-crushing blunders and misfires than any trader can bear.
  • Anyone anticipating a green light, red light system that allows them to pay out with minimal effort (HINT: such a system does not exist)
  • Anyone who does not adhere to the knowledge given on, and does not respect a trader's actual stages of development.
  • Anyone seeking for a get-rich-quick scheme.

So what's the big deal about us and why you should pick us to help you with your trading journey:

We're actually the only ones who have all these four things in one place:

  • A trading platform…
  • Top-notch Order Flow education…
  • Journaling tool…
  • And a great community…

You won't find this anywhere else, trust me!


Your Confidence in
Jigsaw - Money Back Assured!

At Jigsaw, we understand the value of trust and reliability, especially in the trading world. 

We're not just offering a tool; we're offering a commitment to your success.

Our aim is for you to integrate our tools and knowledge into your trading seamlessly.

If, for any reason, you feel that Jigsaw daytradr doesn't provide value well beyond its price, we stand by our pledge: a hassle-free money-back guarantee. 

This guarantee covers the full price of the software ($579). 

We only ask that you remember that the training, given its inherent value, cannot be "returned" — because once knowledge is gained, it cannot be taken away.

Reach out within 14 days of your purchase, and we'll process your refund, no questions asked.

Our commitment doesn't stop at the product. Should you encounter any challenges or need guidance, our dedicated customer service team is always at the ready to assist.

We're confident that once you experience Jigsaw daytradr, you'll wonder how you ever traded without it. 

Dive in, explore, and let's shape your trading future together!

Let’s Recap EVERYTHING You'll Get When You choose one of Jigsaw’s packages:

picture 6

  • Jigsaw daytradr™: a cutting-edge, one-of-a-kind, and award-winning Order Flow and trade execution platform.
  • Professional Order Flow Training: The solid foundation of online Order Flow Education.
  • Journalytix: Jigsaw Automated Trade Statistics & Leaderboard.
  • Jigsaw Chat Room: Being around other traders is an essential part of the development process.

Which Trading Education is Best For Me?

So, if you clicked on any of the links on this page, you'll end up on a pricing page.

and you might be totally confused about which package is right for you...

That's why we made you a super quick explanation to help you pick the package that will make your trading way better.

Here we go..

Independent starts off by explaining how to develop as a trader and how to put our material's knowledge into action.

It includes 10 hours of education as well as three sets of drills to help you get started with Order Flow.

The videos show you how to use Order Flow (and the Jigsaw tools) in ways that go beyond just improving your trade entries.

Professional adds 7 hours of education on specialized topics such as Trade Management, Scalping Techniques, Slow Market Techniques, Volume Profile Analysis, and Market Reversals.

This is information you will want to revisit as your trading career progresses.

If you are not profitable, you are frustrated, and 'nothing works’…

Or you just want a fresh start…

Then Institutional package is for you…

This gives you the modules above PLUS a course from our London-based Proprietary firm partner.

More information on the best package for you can be found Here>

The Time is Running Out...

In other words…

Every day you wait to take action, and change your life…

Is a day you are losing out on potential profits and freedom.

It’s a day you're stuck in this never-ending loop where you have zero control over your trading...

And that’s why we urge you to start trading the RIGHT way right now…

So If you spend your days…

  • Totally overwhelmed by all the confusing and low-quality education out there about how to succeed as a trader.
  • Throwing money at fancy tools and complex software with no tangible results.
  • Watching from the sidelines as other pro traders are winning at this game and wondering how they cracked the code.

Now's the time to switch things up...


  • - +
    You have several packages, what’s the difference between them? I’m a little confused

      Each package contains the software, but with different education options designed to accompany you during your trading journey. You will need to ask yourself where you are on your trading journey and if you are looking for a fresh start or supplement what you are currently doing. 

      This article will help you decide: Which Trading Education is Best For Me?

  • - +
    If I start with the Independent/basic package, can I upgrade at a later date? How much I’ll have to pay?

      You can upgrade from one version to another. It's just a little more expensive to upgrade than it is to buy upfront. For example, the Independent version is $579 and the Professional is $879, a $300 difference. To buy the advanced educational material and upgrade to Professional costs $349. So, another $49 if you upgrade later. 

      The Institutional Package is $1,979 ($1,100 more than the Professional), and the upgrade from Professional to Institutional is $1,347.

      So, you can upgrade, it's a little more costly to do it that way as we discount the bundled packages.

  • - +
    Do you have a free trial/demo?

      We do not offer a free demo/trial, what we offer is a 14-day refund policy where you can test the tools/platform risk-free and without any kind of restriction. If you are not satisfied with our product, and you are on the 14-day trial period, we issue a refund (*), no questions asked, we already know order flow (and trading) is not for everyone.

      The reason we do it this way is that it shows commitment on both sides. You are committing a small amount of money, and we are committing our time to support you getting setup. It also encourages you to get the most from the first 14 days and follow our educational path for getting up and running as fast as possible.

      (*) Money-back guarantee covers the price of the software ($579) and not the advanced training, as you can't unlearn something.

  • - +
    Do you offer a money-back guarantee?

      Yes! If you are not satisfied with the product, and you are within the 14-day trial period, we issue a refund (*), no questions asked. 


      (*) Money-back guarantee covers the price of the software ($579) and not the advanced training, as you can't unlearn something.

  • - +
    Do you provide market data?

      To use the daytradr platform, you have to connect it to a data feed. We don't supply data, it generally comes from your data provider/broker. During your software trial, you have several options to sign in to get a demo data feed. Each feed has live market data for 2 weeks and a demo account to start SIM trading right away. 

      Another approach traders take is to open up an account at a discount brokerage - you can do that for as little as $100. Then the broker provided feed (GAIN, CQG Continuum, Rithmic etc.) will cost you about $35/month for US Futures markets.

  • - +
    Will you teach me how to trade?

      We’re the only trading software company that offers the full package: software, trading education and automated trading journaling. 

      We have 3 tiers of education for you to choose, depending on where you are on your trading journey.  

      Our support staff are also traders, and they’ll be happy to answer any trading related questions you might have, not just the technical stuff.

  • - +
    Do I need a powerful computer to run your software? Internet speed needed? What are the minimum PC requirements?

      Minimum - Intel i5 or AMD Ryzen 5 series

      Recommended - Intel i7 or AMD Ryzen 7 series or above.

      Operating System:

      Windows 8 (64 bits) and above.

      If you want to run daytradr software on a macOS environment, you will need a Windows emulator like Parallels or Boot Camp.


      8 GB or above - 16BG Recommended