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Everything You Need to Know About Trading Futures

A futures contract is an agreement to buy or sell commodity at a set future price and date.

The best example of why these contracts exist is illustrated by a farmer selling corn and Kellogg Co. (ticker: K) making Corn Flakes, says Peter Davies, CEO of Jigsaw Trading.

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Will Your Retirement Win or Lose with Market Rotation

Many newer investors have never seen stocks go down, rotating between sectors is a skill, and retirement savers should not do it just because it’s been in the press for a few days, says Peter Davies, CEO of Jigsaw Trading. 

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Authority Magazine

Investing During The Pandemic What Should I Do With My Money Considering All of the Volatility and Uncertainty Today

With investing, you make your choice and stick with it until you are proven wrong. Worrying and second-guessing are sure ways to close winners early and let losers run, says Peter Davies, CEO of Jigsaw Trading.

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Thrive Global

Peter Davies of Jigsaw Trading: “Happiness is a decision”

Davies is an active order flow trader in S&P 500 futures and founded Jigsaw Trading in 2010. Davies founded the company because he was frustrated with the modern trading platforms available to investors and he was on a mission to create tools that presented order flow information in a more logical and understandable manner.

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Jigsaw helps traders learn faster and trade smarter with simple, repeatable, trading methods based on real-world, professional order flow trading techniques

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