Look over the shoulder of a professional, proprietary trader for six hours as he takes you on a ride through some of the most volatile trading conditions we’ve seen in a decade. Watch and listen as he talks you through the action and his thought process, during days where his profits exceed $100,000—all on a live trading account.

This is just one part of the Jigsaw Institutional Package. This combination of tools and education gives you the best chance of success as a trader by teaching you to use the techniques that professional traders use every day.

Here’s What You Get in This Amazing Package:

  • Jigsaw daytradr™– Lifetime access to our institutional-grade futures trading platform. Works with CQG, Rithmic, and GAIN broker feeds; IQFeed data; and NT8, MT5, TSTrader, and Tradovate trading platforms.
  • Independent Education – Entry-level education for order flow traders. Ten hours of education around what order flow is and why it is significant.
  • Professional Education – More than seven hours of advanced education on specialized topics such as trade management, scalping, intraday volume profile analysis, reversal analysis, summertime markets, and trading the open.
  • Institutional Education – Learn the techniques that a London-based proprietary trading firm teaches its professional traders. Get an overview of 19 trade setups and learn how to recognize the market conditions best suited for each setup. Watch one of the firm's professional traders swing $100,000 days as he walks us through six hours of live trading with a real money account.
  • Journalytix Pro – One year of professional-level access to the best trade analytics and journaling system in the world. Track the performance of individual setups as you progress. Find out which techniques you are most suited to so you can focus on those areas. Use our advanced reporting dashboard to find weaknesses in your execution (such as closing trades early) and track your improvement. Journalytix Pro contains a real-time financial news feed and alerts to warn you of pending economic releases, and it connects directly to your platform, so your trades are sent to the system in real time.
  • Live Trade License – 1 year access to our Live Trade License giving you access to trade a live account from our Institutional Platform.

Total Value: $3,424

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